The 3 BEST Tips to Get in Shape in 30 days.

In as little as 30 Days, you can completely change your life. 


If you are struggling to see stubborn weight fall off, having difficult times with weight gain, or just want to start moving in the right direction...
These tips will completely shift your mindset, and allow you to get the results you're looking for.

The Main Problem:


In today's world, everyone is posting different methods to "gain muscle fast" or supplements that will "wipe away fat." It can be very discouraging to get into a routine with all this information flowing around the internet confusing you.
In reality, achieving a fitness goal boils down to 2 things...
Weight Loss = Caloric Deficit
Weight Gain = Caloric Surplus
My goal here is to eliminate that stress, and get you excited and motivated to achieve your fitness goals. Let's Get STARTED!


1. Eat More Frequently:

Yes! You heard that right. Who said you couldn't eat more and still lose weight?

By eating smaller-portioned meals every 2-3 hours, you are creating so many benefits for yourself. Some of these benefits include:

- maintaining body processes and metabolism stays intact

- increased energy levels

- decrease in hunger/chances of over-eating

- increase in strength levels

- body continuously digesting nutritious foods, vitamins and minerals


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Depending on your personal goals, you can remain in a Caloric Deficit, or a Caloric Surplus and still eat 4-6 meals every 2-3 hours. The idea of this is to give yourself the ideal amount of calories and macronutrients in each meal that will fit into your caloric needs for the day.
Ex: If your Basal Metabolic Rate (Calories burned while performing daily life functions) is 1800 calories, you can set your daily intake around 2100-2200 (400kcal caloric surplus) per day to slowly gain lean muscle. For long term results, you can gradually increase daily caloric intake by 150-300 calories to break through any plateaus you encounter. Your body will eventually get used to the surplus as your weight goes up, so you need to increase your intake to allow for more weight gain.
The opposite would be for Weight loss. You can create a caloric deficit of about 150-300 calories per day to gradually lose weight, and still eat 4-6 meals every 2-3 hours. 🔥
(tip: you can calculate your bodies BMR with a free online calculator here:) ➡

2. Don't cut out your Favorite Foods 🍦

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The goal I always set for myself and my clients is a 80/20 split.

80% of the time you remain on track with your nutrition, and 20% you can enjoy yourself. Steady, consistent efforts will give you long lasting results. We all want to eat foods we love, have some drinks with friends and family, etc.


You can leave room in your daily intake for a "cheat" item, as long as it remains in the guidelines for your caloric/macronutrient needs. This process is known as "IIFYM" or If It Fits Your Macros. Maybe create a schedule for yourself where Monday-Saturday you keep your head straight and diet is dialed in, and Sunday you can enjoy yourself a bit and relax from the stressful week. Whatever you decide to do, you can add variety as long as you are sticking to the 80/20 rule.


3. It Takes 28 Days to Create a Good Habit 👏

Life can be difficult. With everything it throws at you, discipline and consistency will eventually become second nature. The idea of sticking to something for 28 days will create a long lasting habit to keep you on track.



Changing your diet can be challenging, and everyone will experience some sort of failure while doing this... And that's completely okay.

As you continue working towards your fitness goals, these tips will help you formulate your own method to achieve whatever fitness goal you're trying to achieve. You don't need any "fat burning supplements" or "mass gainer powders."

What you truly need, is a well-rounded diet, a strong work ethic and the ability to accept failures and learn from them. Take baby steps and allow yourself to develop a routine that works perfectly with your lifestyle.



I hope this helped, apply these today and you will be completely shocked at how it can change your life.





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